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Spotlight: San and Tac (Psytrance)


Name: San and Tac
Hometown: Noumea
Currently reside in: Melbourne
Genre: Psytrance
Soundcloud: San and Tac
Facebook: San and Tac
Twitter: @SanandTac
Beatport: San and Tac


DJ Mag Australia: What is your present state of mind?

San and Tac: Adventurous.

DJ Mag Australia: Tell us about your musical journey up until now?

San and Tac: It all started with a family of musicians as you can imagine, but to make it short it all comes down to a series of bold life changing choices….and hours in a room by myself or with imaginary friends (yes there is more than what people think) and what I call: the Sounds adventures..where nothing you do is wrong and the goal is not to write music but to explore. So since 2009 with a lineup of events from Small doofs or clubs to more impressive outdoor delight i have developed a sound not only that works, but that I love. Finding somthing that felt right for me was the most important part. After all I am the one that hears these tracks the most..

DJ Mag Australia: Name 5 industry people who have influenced your career as an artist in Australia.

San and Tac: That’s easy, Felix Greenless (Terrafractyl). Simply because the first time I heard his music I realised that it was possible for people with a love for emotional melodics to make very powerful dance music, when most of the time Psytrance that works on the dancefloor is the very basic and “in the face” type. So it really helped me to picture my sound in the future. Then in 2012 Felix created Kinematic records and asked me to send him some music . From then he released my 3rd San and Tac EP “Tropica Resonance” but this was my first EP on the commercial web landscape which really helped getting fans that love your music from all over the world. Then there is Daren (Reality Pixi) for the love and support and connection with European crews, an artist I saw many times play up in Brisbane during my initiation years to the electronic music culture around 2006. Gosha Tuv (Mogo with Mosha) helped me get across to more fans in the Melbourne area and really boosted the party calendar and made me feel like I was on the right path…ahah as he would say: “displaaaay your skillz”. Lady1000Volts provided the Geometrix event in New Caledonia for me to play my first live set in 2011. and Tac..yes Tac know people…

DJ Mag Australia: What projects are you currently working on?

San and Tac: My “Last Message To Earth EP” is about to come out on Soundkraft Records and at the moment I am working on a series of remixes of artists I like that I will be releasing in 2014 as I will be working on my full length album. And I cant leave my fans with no music for a will be teasing them along the year with the remixes.

DJ Mag Australia: What has been your most memorable event?

San and Tac: Probably Dragon Dreaming 2013, so beautiful, friendly, and the landscape was AMAZING…I play in outdoor events because the sound has more space to expand, but having a beautiful venue created 10 000 years ago with erosion is definitely a plus but saying all of that…I remember an event in Coffs Harbour where my laptop died. The water and the rain would not stop was hardcore. But turned out so much fun. Ended up playing out of CD’s with a Korg Monotron plugged in the mixer ahah I guess what I am trying to say is: the best memories are often not the ones at the biggest events..but when shit happens and even with a dead laptop you manage to play your set (f yeaaa)! I learned so much from “A MISCHIEVOUS EXPERIMENT”.

DJ Mag Australia: When not making music, where do you direct your energy?

San and Tac: Ideas. That is the most important thing for me. Each track needs something that belongs to them. Like a person with their personality. Something unique.

DJ Mag Australia: Describe yourself in 5 words or less?

San and Tac: Persistent, cheeky, passionate, imaginative, quirky.

DJ Mag Australia: Who is your fictional hero and why?

San and Tac: BATMAN…because…well, latex, tights, rolling down the street at night…got to love the weirdo that is Bruce Wayne!

DJ Mag Australia: Who is your real-life hero and why?

San and Tac: Albert Einstein, because it must have been quite hard for him to be treated like an idiot (at school) or feeling surrounded by them most of his life when he just was too advanced for his time. I can really relate to him as…I often say things that make people call me crazy. When most of the time these people don’t even understand what I was saying. And there is still a discussion about yes or not whether Einstein was dyslexic. And that trigger my interests a lot.

DJ Mag Australia: If you could take any musician in the past or present to dinner, who would it be?

San and Tac: Gustav Holst.

DJ Mag Australia: What did you eat for breakfast today?

San and Tac: Almond croissant.

DJ Mag Australia: If you could travel in time to witness any one historical event, which would it be?

San and Tac: Hiroshima…but that might be because I just watched Wolverine…ahah.

DJ Mag Australia: Finish the following sentence: “If I had a million dollars, I’d…

San and Tac: create a house in the forest where I pay every artist I like to do a Bootcamp of two months to create a full album of mashups of all the music I love.

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